What is Manual Therapy?

What_Is_Manual_TherapyAt HVMPT, we feel that palpation skills are a physical therapist’s greatest contribution to the medical field. The word ‘manual’ comes from the Latin root ‘manus,’ meaning ‘hand.’ Therefore, Manual Therapy is literally Hands-on Therapy. At HVMPT we incorporate a “layered” approach: applying deep tissue massage with joint mobilization, integrated with neuromuscular re-education, body mechanics training and exercise to achieve optimal functional results. Whether orthopedic or neurological in nature, most injuries result in some loss of range of motion (ROM) and coordinated function. Manual Therapy refers to the clinical approach which applies the hands-on techniques described above to the treatment of muscle and joint structures. The purpose of such treatment is to reduce pain and inflammation, restore functionality, and quality of life. Patients who receive Manual Therapy typically experience these results quicker than without direct hands-on care.